یادگاری ها

شعر ها و دل نوشته هایم

Recently I have encountered  many failures! it started just before the final exams and by the time I was curing my skin problem I went to an enormous   stress which destroyed me! I met the girl I loved right before the loading exam and she ignored me and that exam destroyed!! I cheated!! That girl ignored me in the stairway! my hair loss accelerated! My skin started to come to it's original state! My friends started to avoid me! I was in stress after exams too!I went to a huge contemplating I thought that maybe I'm not myself I live others! Maybe it's because of my guilt Maybe it's because I thought God would lead me through it! i thought maybe I should wait! I thought I should try harder for world! i thought maybe I should be more rational  I thought maybe we are machines!

Times when I felt comfortable were these:

1. by the installation exam I thought I should be more myself and not ask at exam and not think of how others do it!

2. by the time I thought I should wait and good things happened after that about being yourself and accept your loneliness and also not ask for others' help!

3.by the time in the metro entrance when I thought this events was(is) a punishment!


۳۰ بهمن ۹۶ ، ۱۰:۳۶
عاقبت یک استکان بی اجتهاد

 کوفت کردیم و بلایی رخ نداد!

۲۵ بهمن ۹۶ ، ۱۱:۳۴



1.      I think maybe finding a way like perpetual motion can help me go forcefully through project! I mean I should first put the gasoline and fire it with match and the fire will spread automatically instead of fire everyplace with match!! Although it can produce fire!

2.     More precisely I should say that I look for automation! I think automation is our time first priority! I mean look at the science now! We make codes in different languages; we have robots, engines…

3.     I want to find the automation in human, with that we can face the problems without losing ourselves; we can reach our dreams without putting a lot of wasted effort like the match example!

4.     I think the way through the automation is magic!

5.     I think something unspeakable is the answer!

6.     I look for a determinism that comes from free will!(robot)!!

7.     My quest for “omol-al-fetne” was in this air.

8.     click here for wikipedia article

۱۴ بهمن ۹۶ ، ۰۳:۳۰


1.      I don’t know whether to tell M.M about my love?

2.     My challenges are these:1. Money 2. Dad 3. Her merits 4. Her friend

3.     I wanted to gain sth for her!!!!

4.     What to do? I think a lot about her!!!

۰۱ دی ۹۶ ، ۱۵:۴۳

رو سیاهم که هنوز از تو خیلی دورم ،مهربونی با من، ولی انگار کورم

اگه دورم از تو، تو به من نزدیکی ،قلبمو میبینی، حتی تو تاریکی...

از خون دل نوشتم نزدیک دوست نامه...

۰۵ آذر ۹۶ ، ۱۱:۵۳


I had some events recently! First as I wanted to say hello –and I said it silently! - Something happened! First, yesterday as I went home with a completely disturbed mood I encountered my mother’s influenza. Second as I walked through the university from where I met my brother I noticed that I have a bad feeling and after that something strange happened ,a locust marched straight toward me and landed in my neck , and this happened in spite of me being in a roofed area of the university!! After that saying hello! I went to the Mosque and l lay down and I started to speak with myself and attack my manners! I arrived to this that I wanted to make myself a mystic character for them! And my heart calmed down! So then I went to the praying room and I prayed joyfully and after my last class I met her in ‘jolof’ …

I thank my lord for helping me! I hope he will guide me!!

۲۱ مهر ۹۶ ، ۱۶:۵۱


I had very good accidents as I used this method! I think it freed my mind !!

1.آب آبی نیست!صورت صورتی نیست! آبی به صورت بزنید لطفا

2.خیال-بافی کنید..با خیال راحت

3.دست از طلب ندارم

4.مظاهر دیگه نمیاد

5.حس خوب ورزش کردن

6.فهمیدن آنانکه خاک را به نظر کیمیا کنند

7.گیر دادن به زیکفرید

8.سلیمانی شنیدن

I wanna make a project in my university issue too

Of course I’m a little numb in these days; maybe it is because of not writing! And also not watching flipped!

I am very thirsty of women attention!!! I was phony at 1 mehr!!!

۰۹ مهر ۹۶ ، ۲۱:۵۹

ما نگوییم بد و میل به ناحق نکنیم

جامه کس سیه و دلق خود ازرق نکنیم

عیب درویش و توانگر به کم و بیش بد است

کار بد مصلحت آن است که مطلق نکنیم

رقم مغلطه بر دفتر دانش نزنیم

سر حق بر ورق شعبده ملحق نکنیم

شاه اگر جرعه رندان نه به حرمت نوشد

التفاتش به می صاف مروق نکنیم

خوش برانیم جهان در نظر راهروان

فکر اسب سیه و زین مغرق نکنیم

آسمان کشتی ارباب هنر می شکند

تکیه آن به که بر این بحر معلق نکنیم

گر بدی گفت حسودی و رفیقی رنجید

گو تو خوش باش که ما گوش به احمق نکنیم

حافظ ار خصم خطا گفت نگیریم برو

ور به حق گفت جدل با سخن حق نکنیم


۲۹ شهریور ۹۶ ، ۰۱:۱۶


                                                      Friday, September 15, 2017

I wanna write after a big delay.

Recently we had travelled to Shiraz and many things happened:

1.      My brother took action in family affairs and started to attack my parents in order to shake their manners and he got results too! I think his determinacy and purpose was a key role. At first I started to be jealous of it but at last I went to sense of accepting the truth and good things happened that will be discussed below anon.

2.     I should say that I had feelings of being just an imitator and have nothing from myself but meanwhile I started to insist on my project for M.M(more accurately the final cause of the project will be M.M ) and while I was thinking of saying hello to her an old man in the park that was sporting! said hello to me!    

3.     Another event was that when I started to think critically toward my desire for M.M I thought maybe my will is a matter of lust but when I came to write a post of it the computer shut down and I got a random poem from the Hafez which said:

دلا در عاشقی ثابت قدم باش...که در این ره نباشد کار بی اجر

4.     Another event was yesterday when after imagining about M.M in river and etc. I went to a mood that I could dig a little more in  The Great Gatsby and it made me feel better.

5.     Also I arrived that what is told as self-surveillance is necessary. As an example I can mention the day at the company when I was filled with bad emotions about my body I decided to change the mood by looking at external objects and Mr.Behnia told me of this too and after that I started to feel better.

6.     Today I had a little bad feelings maybe because of hearing about things that reminded me of my apology in instagram or my probable fertility issue! Or the thing that happened to my grandma!

7.     I think I should be more earnest!


یا لطیف ارحم عبدک الضعیف...

۲۴ شهریور ۹۶ ، ۱۷:۴۰


accident !!                                                       Friday, August 25, 2017

I’m sure that I have thought of the accident moment in my project!! Especially just before coming home after wondering in neighborhood!!


Be careful !!                                                       Thursday, August 24, 2017

Avoid thoughts that make your view gloom!

Be careful not to trap in the well of attracting attention!!! You are imagining that! Your laughter at congress was a shame; don’t try to turn it to good!

You are not going in the project way!! Be more earnest!

Now you think that that bad omen has gone don’t waste time!

Let music away!! Till your purpose achieved!! Because it wastes your time and makes it gloom!

یا رب از ابر هدایت برسان بارانی




Way through…                                                       Tuesday, August 22, 2017

1.      Following the brain’s own images can help through transition!

2.     My first idea of a snowy mountain which my cell phone was buried came in this way.

3.     I will continue my quest for M.M if I could achieve something that deserves the gap I will go further and if I didn’t I won’t give up my quest for Lord.

4.     The “stubborn” stuff that has come to me recently won’t be dismissed it was achieved after big-time.

5.     I feel good about my exiting from chamran hall.

6.     I should be careful! I’m letting my imagination fly deliberately to everywhere it wants! I have got good feedbacks after abstaining from looking at mirror!

7.     I heard of iridescent last night in that very movie so I got more and more excited by the accident it had with my story on instagram!

8.     I should use my time more specifically now that I can dodge the reality bullet!

9.     I imagined myself that I put headphone on Omid’s head in front of M.M! I think my pm in telegram has facilitated the way through this imagination.

10.  A sense tells me that I should be clever and let the passive thoughts away now that I’m in power! It won’t affect the fact that I’m getting good feedback! It can be good absolutely!

11.   So the agenda is this: 1.fight the passivity by simply understand and evade it 2.be more active by thinking on a) trivia b) language & reading book c) project d) enjoy your enemies’ victory

۰۴ شهریور ۹۶ ، ۰۰:۰۴