یادگاری ها

شعر ها و دل نوشته هایم

یادگاری ها

شعر ها و دل نوشته هایم

۳ مطلب در آذر ۱۳۹۵ ثبت شده است

Its really important to not stand in ur place and keep going on ,there has been always a sort of sense with people who deny my opinions or dont give a shit to a typic subject!

Why this happens and had happened before without putting that in  perspective?

A probable reason can be the vanity of all thoughts! I mean none of them are the truth we look for! And implicitly we feel that ! But recently it has came to   my mental disturbance .

So how to break ! How to snatch  the goal? The problem is that what to do? I hope this help to go forward a pace , but I think I should keep going on transition method and the point that "you are simply yourself" .

Is there any relation between this and the point above?? Think about it😉😏


1.I told my brother soli is a free man

2.the god father


4.inattention to people gives energy!

5.people who dont speak

6.To your penis

7.some proverbs(az dor lengesh   kon)

8.sabok tokhmete

9.buy zoo that boy


Let’s go straight to the issue, I want to mention some points that recently have come to my mind:

1-      We are capable of any thoughts! I mean a new thought can be embedded in us very easily my experience was the girl attention. Till recent weeks I didn’t care about that but now I’m thinking about it and it’s important for whether they care about it or not . But how did it happen? A probable answer  is that in recent weeks I started to feel good about myself in case of looking .The TA speaking to me,… but suddenly I started to think reversely! Like when an artistic stuff is been created you suddenly start to think about the weak points and this is the process of evolution of art, maybe it’s not good in all perspectives and makes more complexity but….

2-      Clever people don’t hit the books- A good friend is a person who breaks you and free you (I don’t know how it came to me) – My brother told me ‘Sheykh’,…



Hello my dears!
I was busy in recent days I had 2 mid-term exams (fluid and soil mechanics) I was reading all day long , fortunately the result will be good.
I had hard days! It started last Wednesday after the soil mechanics TA  class . I went to an intemperate mood which was a mental collapse . The story begins while I started commenting on Madani's class : I said that girl...  I have a vague image of what happened but now I think I shouldn't  have been disturbed by that. Maybe Maudie was a reason maybe!...
The second episode was again with this class on the
subsequent Monday that I again commented ....
I really don't want to
scrutinize the reasons of that but the fact is that it faded my selfdom and my recent impressions of human destructive role on others but it proved that :)
Fortunately I
overcame the feeling and now I'm writing this essay. But why I collapsed while I had those thoughts of people? A reason can be the ... [I said I don't want to scrutinize :)]
Lets come back to our project , my last clue was that we are simply what we are I mean If we are here we are here! By thinking about being in other place it won't work. I saw a post from Parviz yesterday that was about
Socrates choking a person in the river... which was a good evidence of my idea!
Finally you have to have a great
demand for what you want(as Socrates said to that man)