یادگاری ها

شعر ها و دل نوشته هایم

یادگاری ها

شعر ها و دل نوشته هایم

۷ مطلب در آبان ۱۳۹۵ ثبت شده است

“To go to sleep you have to pretend to be asleep until you really fall asleep


What does it show? I think it can work for the transition method. First I want to proofread the word ‘pretend’ , I think it is unfit for(?) the sentence , It would be more convenient if we say you have to have a strong will for that. There is a question, why this strong will appears when we want to sleep and we simulate by closing eyes and not winking ? 

A question that has obsessed my mind is why we fade during sleep? Is the state of transition the same? Is it the matter of will? I mean implicitly we don’t want to go to that state! As one of the integral belief of Gnostics: “what you seek is you!” I think this hypothesis is probably true!

As an instance I should mention my personal stastus(?) during the cluttering(?)  adolescence specially in the forth grade of high school , I remember I had a sultry soul, hearing things, half-sleep during the Farasati(classic cinema) ,…


Eulerian intuition!
I'm thinking nowadays about the mathematical intuition and relation between that and state of flow .my supposition is that distinguished mathematicians and physicians see problems in an intuitive prospect, for example they don't use formula to evaluate the distance between two points they feel it! how? how to go to that state? Is it ecstasy?


The problem
The problem in my transition project is not now omitting the time and place but while I omit current time and place I go to state of sleep and become faded! Interestingly I go to sleep while I'm not sleepy! why? can an open eye help? or the problem is remembering? or the problem is concentrating? maybe the problem is that there is a powerful force in you that when you omit the factors it starts to control you! what is that? shall(?) I have preparation  before doing the project ? I mean a sort of
phantom cleanness . Is my soul in agony? maybe there is fundamental problem: Does it work for me???  what's my perfection ? but I think it's too early to give up on this project.
Maybe I should wait till my new
prolific thought starts to fruit and I hopefully I will find my own way.

برای نمایش مطلب باید رمز عبور را وارد کنید

Thief of humanity 

You know I think I (this time no we:)) have procrastinate my life on others point of view. To some extent you should excuse me! I had a unique circumstance that no one had! I don't want to mourn here but I mean it is ok! To elaborate on my issue I mention some cases.

1.K1: I think I shouldn't copy and accept him I should be aware of imitation. What that hasn't proved for me shouldn't be accepted in the smoke screen of otherworldly fear!(compare with javad:))

I think fear has been the main cause of this hassle I should be more courage than this and face the fire!

2.I think I should be more honest with myself some works that I'm doing is not proved to me but I have a vague image of them in my brain. It is ok to act based on unclear beliefs or probability but I should discriminate between the real faith and these ones.

3. The other fact is that recently I see people (from k1 to texas ) deceptive!

I think they steal my humanity and myself.

they make judges, they try to direct you tacitly! They have such fu**king beliefs and want to transmit it.

They mock someone without thinking about the impact for a while! And a second later they go to the role of a surviver! What a hypocrisy and what a phony people!

4.Another thing that is inherent in you and was with you from the childhood is the sense of existence. Why am I me? Why I'm not somebody else? 

At the end I appreciate the soli's understandings this point (masnavi,shah-shah ) and k1.



You know it's interesting to catch cold! I started to ponder that a few seconds ago!

What a vulnerable body we have! It is very interesting to me!

It makes me understand the worth of health


You know about a week ago when I was running along the streets I encountered a fact! I figured out if we are obsessed and gripped in(?) an issue actually it’s not because we are passive ! it’s  actually because of activeness , as an evidence I address the different feelings while running in this two way :

1-     Run a reciprocal path (?)

2-     Run from a specific start point(A) to an end point(B)

You would agree that in the first case you will feel bored and feel the time hangs heavy in your hands but the second case would be more bearable , so why ? what’s the reason ? I think in this case we are doing something in our mind that helps us to bear the absurd running. Before discussing about the brain’s procedures I should say that running is a very boring activity and can’t turn to a joyful one while applying the second approach! But the approach can reduce the boringness of it.

Let’s get to the point , what was brain internal procedure ?

I think while running from A to B we start to think about finishing the exercise . we  mumble : just two streets are left , it’s one time ,etc. such works can obsess our mind and get us into the flow!(although running is such a boring activity that can’t be resolved by this method J ) .

I want to use the above result to express  my own idea about how to arrive to the state of transition.

I think I should define a project that can absorb my mind. Not just a passive image like M.S or trash can in the street !

What to do? Can we have a mental activity like a physical activity? I don’t mean kind of activities like concentrating on a think or such this I mean an activity which while doing it there will be an output like displacing  a stone in realty ! I mean by doing a part of it (or whole) there should be a result !

Some suggestions can be :

1-     Filling an empty room with a cubes and count the aggregate number of them.

2-     Solving a mathematical problem (multiplying, geometry ,…)

3-     Having a race with light like Albert Einstein

4-     Two parallel lines cross each other