یادگاری ها

شعر ها و دل نوشته هایم

یادگاری ها

شعر ها و دل نوشته هایم

۸ مطلب در تیر ۱۳۹۶ ثبت شده است

For going more on my project I decided to use the instagram platform! 


I want also to make a clip for graduation in this platform!


(Wrote online and needs proofread)

Shroud of snow was beautiful

Glimmer + shudder=shimmer

Rust & dust

John Waned!

Sham & candle


You know in this mutability i want to continue on language and sport! And maybe starting pre-study.


I think a kind of hidden force sometimes happen to take control of me and it comes most often when i go to hindsight and I couldn't have banish it yet and I think I should wait!


I want god to help me!


I don't know if this mood is a wage or guide but i think first i should get out of it! Because it is a cycle and wouldn't have result!


  • I want to graft my last year experiences and continue my way, many of them don’t have contradiction but because of some unknown reasons I’m stressed! OK, let’s start the manifest:
  • 1. Key words:
  • 1.       Active(A&T)
  • 2.       Abstraction(A)
  • 3.       Take it easy(A)
  • 4.       Conceivable(A)
  • 5.       Using substantial objects(A)
  • 6.       Democracy(T)
  • 7.       Joy(A)
  • 8.       Satisfaction(T)
  • 9.       Repressed desires(T)
  • 10. Others effect(T)
  • 11. Word poison(T)
  • 12. Brain conversation(T)
  • 13. Don’t blame yourself(T)
  • 14. Interacting with yourself(A)
  • 15. Suppose you know that before(A)
  • 16. Flexibility(A)
  • 17. Nostalgia(T)
  • 18. Run to B(A)
  • 19. Thief of humanity(T)
  • 20. Continuity and persistence in jerk-off(A)
  • 21. Not only omit the time and take care of implicit thoughts(A)
  • 22. Difference between sleep and transition(A&T)
  • 23. See the distance(T)
  • 24. Strong will (as Socrates choked that man)and sultry soul and virtually sleep(T)
  • 25. Break me(T)
  • 26. Freedom from thought(T)
  • 27. You are simply yourself(A&T)
  • 28. Union from M.G hassle(T)
  • 29. United States of Amir(A&T)
  • 30. Feeling passive(T)
  • 31. Not looking at people that we love and pride(T)
  • 32. Feeling lost(T)
  • 33. Paradoxes in actions and catharsis(T)
  • 34. Silence with subtlety and knowing that it’s not the goal but a mean(A&T)
  • 35. Break the chains(T)
  • 36. Feeling cold-hearted(T)
  • 37. Having animus!(T)
  • 38. Rouge(T)
  • 39. Writing is good(T)
  • 40. Mohammadreza Lotfi and union again(T)
  • 41. Earnest in battle against ego(T)
  • 42. Why I’m not crying?(T)
  • 43. Pray for stability(T)
  • 44. Having sorrow(compare with gham) for cleaning(T)
  • 45. Accept your unhappiness(T)
  • 46. Don’t feed others ego and have patience(T)
  • 47. Again silence and unity(T)
  • 48. Don’t cut an aching leg!(T)
  • 49. No contradiction! resolve it(T)
  • 50.  Don’t be against your forces or you will lose your horses(T)
  • 51. New(T)
  • 52. Enjoy your enemy’s victory ,that’s the art of history: Hello Hafez(T)
  • 53. Feeling contradiction between freedom and latter issue(T)
  • 54. Changing the brain language(T)
  • 55. Everything is mortal and transient(T)
  • 56. Time and hawking(T)
  • 57. Being active overthrows distress (T)
  • 58. Power (T)
  • It’s very interesting that I have been more theoretical recently than I was a year ago! And because of that I’m in this mess!
  • Ok! I take it easy and will try to come back to action again! This time more earnestly! I won’t be deceived! Won’t!!
  • My disturbance is now only to find an image to concentrate on it! I want to use my above experiences to guess one! OK let’s start:
  • My first offer is: contacting with M.M and ask her to make a story from her father!!



I again come back to the point that I was just a year before! Almost 1.5 year ago (during geology course)!!

The reason is that I haven’t got the result that I wanted! I have experienced some sort of enthusiasm and good understanding stuff but I haven’t get to the kind of understanding that I want now! I don’t know maybe I have been deceived or it was necessary and may help.

Anyway I want to back to transition project and concentrate on it while keep other aspects go forward!

I want my lord to help me!!

I go to let away that sort of music hearing.


I had this mood for about a fortnight! It was hard! Suddenly I started to be active and strong and I went to a good mood and made a lot of poems… the day after that I started to make amendment and I followed the… till that threat happened twice but again now I have regained the activity and power …

It was interesting that I heard about my problem both in M.M and M.A posts… 


I heard about this verse in the course of high school in the religion book, the nitty-gritty idea

that inclined me toward contemplating this verse was the fact that everything is mortal and

transient and we simply could lose everything and really we don’t have any privilege of losing, as it had been addressed by my best friend discussing about Martin Scorsese’s methodology… think for a moment: what was our competence for having a tranquil life? Do we really deserve it?! A question may arise about the justice of God that why he gives his gifts to some special people? It is hard to answer this question… but I can only stimulate the question that: is that all? I think the most transient stuff is time itself! Our lifetime divided by eternity is zero (lim L.T/∞ =0)! Also the concept of time is arguable, as an example we have in Quran: ‘sinners are in hell forever…’ isn’t it against the justice? I myself think that time deceives us here! 


I’m perplexed by the mutability of the subjects , the important thing is to be naught and to achieve it we have to be proud of our enemy’s victory! It’s really amazing! It changes hard! Changing the brain language is good! But what to do with habits of past?  I think  we have to use them in our way and don’t necessarily oppose them! What enemy? Is there any enemy? Is it only our mind’s virus?


The intelligentsia are in doubt…

OK! Let’s speak about these days! If the memory helps…

Many bad things have happened:

1.      After the Nowrouz  holidays I was proceeding(vs. recede) well but after about a fortnight I started to recede, gradually the thoughts started to take control of me, I let my daily writing away, I repealed my idea of perceiving new stuff , I was deceived by the desire of the acceptance from M.M, I came back to M.G ,… after that a new thought came to me that revived me and that was the idea of  ‘enjoy your enemies victory, that’s the art of history’ , and consequently it opened my way through Hafez’(?) sonnets, but I believe that I didn’t apply that approach well and complete, almost it remained only as a thought and adversely damaged my mind! Sometimes I felt contradiction between this method and the ‘freedom of thought’ method and it helped to my fall more but immediately I made the synthesis: Intricacy! I became happy again but it had no practical effect on me and remained only as a thought.

2.     I had flubs: A) The day of hydraulic third quiz and the killing voice of laughter by… B) Going on dancing attendance for Behnia and speaking positively about him for S.R and E.B C) Speaking out of mind in front of Attarnejaz’s room. D) My lie to C.B…

3.     Now what to do in the summer, let’s think and consider about it before they think for me. First about my training (?): it is obvious that C.B is not a good man! And I shouldn’t push myself to find positive points in him. He doesn’t believe in Islam, he is inclined to overseas, he is not patriot as S.M said and also he wants others courtesy! Among these, I can’t comeback because the time has passed and also I don’t want to take the course next summer, anyway I have to go through it. Another thing that should be illuminated is that I want to work there or not? I have no relish for that because of the latter reasons. But I should see! If the offer was good and I could work there I would accept, but my initial attitude is being there only for summer. I have to be respectful toward him but with subtlety (this would happen if I go to my barricade and attack from there). I have to evade working as much as I can. I won’t go early at Saturday! I shouldn’t laugh at him. Also not looking at them. Not looking his room as a wonder! Not trying to make points even if it came! I shouldn’t take his permission.

4.     I have to write more and not be disappointed, I should watch new thing. Read poets. Do pre-studies. Hear new music…these are preludes and my final goal is transition.

5.     Suddenly I arrived to that thinking is hard!